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Teach Healthy Habits with This Wellness Tracker


Did you know that introducing just a few healthful habits to your children at a young age can greatly benefit their long-term health? During National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month (NCOAM), Juice Plus+ and Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller teamed up to spread the word about these simple, easy changes that families can make to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. One of our favorite tips for happier, healthier kids? This Healthy Habits tracker!

Parents can use the Healthy Habits tracker to set goals and celebrate success with the whole family. Using the tracker, your children can also track their progress towards healthier snacking and proper hydration—as well as fitness and wellness—with their favorite stickers. Together, each family member can participate in the #MySimpleChange campaign and work together to take small steps towards daily health goals.

If you need some inspiration for your simple, healthy change, consider starting with the Core Four—getting more exercise, eating healthier, hydrating properly and sleeping more while stressing less. Shannon spoke with fellow moms on some of these topics; check out her advice below.

Shannon on sleeping more and stressing less:
“When we’re stressed out or constantly thinking about something, it’s hard to get that good sleep and it kind of is that downward spiral. Sleep has to come first and it’s just so critical. I’m a big advocate of getting a good night’s sleep…I simply need 8-9 hours of sleep to function well. For my children, bedtime is one of the most important times so that they can get good solid sleep so that Mommy can get a good solid sleep.”

Shannon’s tips for healthy snacking:
"Once your kids read, they can learn what nutrition facts and serving sizes mean." Shannon teaches her children to understand serving sizes and encourages healthy snacking at home—always making sure to offer fruits and veggies first. Additionally, she uses Juice Plus+ to fill the gaps between what her kids are eating and the nutrients their bodies need.

How Shannon encourages proper hydration:
Shannon recommends keeping the lesson simple and emphasizing that water makes your child’s body work right. More water means feeling better and being able to play for longer! Help your children form healthy hydration habits by requiring a glass of water before any other beverage and always keeping a water bottle on hand. And while you’re at it, check out these facts and myths about proper hydration.

What simple, healthy tips do you have to share? Have you or your family met any health goals using the Healthy Habits tracker? Let us know in the comments below!

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