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Craving Salty or Sweet? Try These 3 Healthy Hummus Recipes

Staying on track with healthy eating should be a daily journey, not an ultimate destination. The latter sounds like the ideal place to be, but the problem is it isn’t realistic. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how I satisfy my cravings for salt and sugar—which are relentless when they come around.

In the morning I tend not to want anything in particular, and then from lunchtime on, I find myself “needing” a salty and sweet fix with each meal. Over the years I’ve turned to countless healthy options to quell my cravings.

Hummus has been at the top of my list for many years. One reason is its versatility. I use it as a vegetable dip, sandwich spread, and as the main ingredient for a Mediterranean-Mexican fusion: grilled tortilla with hummus, shredded cheese, olives, and a dash of hot sauce (Cholula is my favorite).

Last year, my mind was blown when I discovered hummus is even better than I thought. It comes in dessert flavors! From that moment on, hummus took on a new significance in my diet: not only could it satisfy my salt cravings, but also my sweet tooth.

Beyond its versatility, hummus is easy and affordable. If you’re looking for a way to feed your cravings without going overboard with indulgence, these recipes will do the trick!

  • Classic hummus. There are loads of hummus recipes out there, but I’m putting this one in top position because you need to make your own hummus at least once in life to know what you’ve been missing. For me, the best hummus is loaded with lemon and garlic, like this simple recipe. You can adjust the texture to your taste; I like mine very slightly chunky. As I said above, classic hummus is so versatile. This year I came up with a new way to enjoy it: Mix it with salad dressing and pour it over hearty greens, like a mix of kale, spinach, and mizuna.
  • Beet hummus. First things first: If you don’t love beets, you’re wrong. Try again. If you still don’t like them, eat them anyway; they’re full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Chop up a few and put them over a salad—beautiful color and texture. Throw a few chunks in a smoothie (you’ll never even know they’re there). Then, make this hummus and don’t forget to grill the pita bread! You’re welcome.
  • Brownie batter hummus. Even a hummus fan like me was a little iffy at the thought of dessert hummus. Curiosity pushed me to try it, and it became a fast favorite. I combined it with another new favorite, sweet potato toast, spreading it on top and sprinkling it with blueberries to make a nutrient-packed breakfast. Try making your own brownie hummus—and give it an extra health kick by replacing the cocoa powder with Complete by Juice Plus+ Dutch Chocolate shake mix (in an equal amount).


What’s your favorite hummus recipe? Share in the comments below!

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