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Give Yourself a Break — Without Breaking Your Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

Mixed signals are a fact of life: Focus (and multitask). Cut yourself some slack (and push yourself out of your comfort zone). Take a vacation (but don't forget to eat right and exercise).

If you tend to be an overachiever (hi there!), those seeming contradictions can get in your way. But you know what? We've found that most inner critics are willing to negotiate. So strike a bargain up front: Promise yourself that you'll make sure to drink plenty of water. Pack your Juice Plus+. Practice stretching or taking a short walk first thing in the morning so you build up momentum before you leave.

And keep it simple. Whatever form your R & R takes, it's surprisingly easy to make it a happy and healthy one. We've gathered some of our favorite posts featuring low-key, vacation-friendly health tips. Take a quick look, bookmark the ones you'd like to come back to … and relax.

Feeling social? Have a good-for-you vacation tip we should know about? Share it in the comments section below!

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