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Healthy Skin Starts With Healthy Eating

Our skin may be our body’s largest organ, but it is one that we forget to care for daily.

We exercise to increase our heart health, we go to the doctors for regular check-ups, and we take supplements to improve overall wellness but what do we do to improve our skin? Of course, there are simple ways to improve your skin’s health and appearance such as using sunscreen, moisturizing regularly and avoiding the use of harsh soaps and chemicals, but could it be as easy as integrating more fruits and vegetables into your diet?

Healthy eating can impact your body in many ways, but did you know that it can contribute to the overall health of your skin?

Studies show that nutrients found from fruits and vegetables can hydrate the skin and encourage greater skin density and thickness!

Here’s why this matters, and it may be surprising!

Skin density decreases when we age, allowing wrinkles and fine lines to appear. When the skin is hydrated, denser and thicker, these signs of aging are harder to notice! A select group of women found out how easy it is to improve their skin health simply by trying our JuicePlus+ capsules.



During a twelve-week study hosted by the Institute for Experimental Dermatology at the University of Witten-Herdecke in Germany, twenty-six middle-aged women with normal to dry skin were asked to take two capsules of the Juice Plus+ Fruit Blend and two capsules of the Juice Plus+ Vegetable Blend, per day. Twenty-six other women were given placebos (capsules that did not contain the JuicePlus+ blend) for the same period. After 12 weeks, the group of women who had taken the Juice Plus+ blends saw thicker, denser and hydrated skin! In fact, skin hydration increased by 9%, skin thickness increased by 6% and skin density increased by 16%. Microcirculation (the circulation of blood in small blood vessels) increased by 39%!

By incorporating JuicePlus+ blends into their diet, women experienced an increase in overall skin health and appearance. 

Now for many of us these fruits and veggies are not a part of our daily meal plans, making JuicePlus+ a great way to get the nutrients that are only found in whole foods that we need!

This study is just one of many that our products have been featured in because whole foods  are so good for your body!

If you would like to see how Juice Plus+ can improve your health and well-being, try it for yourself.


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