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Food Aversion? We can help!

We all have that one food that provides comfort, reduces stress, and helps us feel like all is right with the world.

After a bad day, it’s easy to turn to these comfort foods. Our palette’s change all the time, however; you may notice that you now prefer savory comfort foods over sweet ones or vice versa, but what happens when the food that you once loved and looked forward to now makes your stomach turn?

You may have developed a food aversion, and here’s why!

Food and personal experiences go hand in hand. From social outings to quiet nights in, food affects us emotionally, mentally and physically.Food aversions are therefore easy to develop especially when we experience a negative event.

A food aversion can typically occur after you consume a particular type of food and experience something unpleasant. Your brain begins to attach unpleasant memories or experiences to this food, and then rejects it altogether! This often manifests itself as a food avoidance or even an intolerance as symptoms can include nausea or vomiting. Your favourite foods have now become your new worst enemy!

What Could Cause a Food Aversion?

Food aversions typically occur after experiencing nausea, uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms, or a traumatic event. Morning sickness, hormonal imbalances, illness, or treatment measures can all impact how we feel about food!

While many people begin to crave strange food combinations, others begin to no longer enjoy the foods they once loved! There are many aspects that could trigger a food aversion such as smell, taste, texture, and even the appearance of the food itself.



Find Alternatives!

Food aversions can often contribute to nutrient deficiencies and hinder physical development, particularly in children, teenagers, and pregnant women, who require nutrients the most.

Once a food aversion occurs, it can create a significant gap in your diet!

While your brain is attempting to protect you from an unpleasant physical experience from occurring again, stemming from food, a food aversion can often be frustrating to control or overcome. What can be even more discouraging, is no longer being able to stomach nutritious foods that are necessary to maintaining your health and wellbeing.

That’s why it’s essential to find alternatives to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need!

The good news is, our JuicePlus+ capsules can help you get the nutrients you require, even if you are unable to stomach the foods that you have developed an aversion with. Through providing whole food-based nutrients all in one capsule, you can get all the benefits of plant-based foods, without experiencing unpleasant reactions to the food itself, if it is determined by taste, texture, smell or appearance.

If the food aversion has developed into an allergy, however, ensure that all ingredients included in our JuicePlus+ capsules are safe to consume.

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